Studio Events

Recitals are scheduled as follows:

  • Fall (November)
  • Spring (April)
  • Sometimes we do a Summer “Ravinia Style” performance (end of June)

American Grands (Optional)

  • Performance at the Elgin Community College Blizzard Theatre
  • A celebration of group ensemble playing, with 24 performers playing at once on twelve grand pianos
  • This opportunity is available for students who have achieved basic playing skills
  • Performance date: End of January

Achievement in Music Exam Program (Optional)

  • A testing program sponsored by the Illinois State Music Teachers’ Association
  • Comprehensive curriculum includes theory, technique and performance goals for each of its twelve levels
  • Students benefit by working to achieve specific goals each year
  • Exams are held at Aurora University
  • Students earn a merit pin and certificate when they successfully complete a level

Studio Performance Classes

  • Take place 2-3 times per year
  • Are held two weeks before each recital
  • Classes that help students work on performance and musical skills in a group setting